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This blog is written by Niamh O’Mahony – Football Fan, Amateur Photographer and Shopaholic.

I’ve worked as a journalist, editor, content developer, technical writer and copy writer – all roles that utilise and harness the power of words.

Below are links to some of my work:


The Sportscast Panel


RTÉ Sport (

TheScore (

Column: Lingerie football? Our real sporting heroines deserve limelight first (

Time to find a Voice (


Just what the doctor order (The Cork News)

Tuned In (The Cork News)

Two’s Company (The Cork News)

On the crest of a wave (The Cork News)

Welcome to the Show (The Cork News)

The Power of One (The Cork News)

They still have dreams (The Cork News)

Coughlan taking it one session at a time (The Cork News)

Small city, big campaign (The Cork News)


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