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My new favourite toy…

I’ve had a fair few film and digital cameras over the years, and picked up a Canon PowerShot SX280 (nice piece of kit with an excellent lens) last month.

However, over the summer I discovered the Panoramic setting on my iPhone5 – and been able to capture landscapes in a way I’ve always struggled to in the past. So, here are a few of my favourite shots to demonstrate just how spectacular my new favourite toy can be!


Gougane Barra, Co. Cork


Kenmare, Co. Kerry


Killarney Lakes, Co. Kerry


The Showgrounds, Co. Sligo


St. George’s Park, Burton Upon Trent


Tallaght Stadium, Dublin


Turner’s Cross, Cork


Spike Island, Co. Cork

The blog here fails to do much justice to the images themselves or the sites, but it does shows what’s possible with a little bit of experimentation! The art of photography, and all that…


Interesting times in Belgium

I was delighted to travel to Antwerp in Belgium last weekend, having been asked to speak at a football governance conference in the city (more details here). The progress made in the League of Ireland, in terms of supporter involvement in the game, means that we are actually ahead of our European colleagues in many instances.

Belgium, like Ireland and every other country involved in the Improving Governance Project, has its problems but unless supporters are prepared to organise and try and make a meaningful contribution to solving issues, we may never see real changes happening – at least at grassroots level.

What is becoming more and more obvious as this project moves towards its conclusion (June 2013) is that League of Ireland clubs and supporters groups are not alone. We have many things in common with various entities around our own league and across Europe, and it’s time for us to begin working together.

I hope to get some more thoughts together over the coming days… but, first, a handbook to finish editing.

In the meantime, some pictures of Antwerp (taken with an iPhone 5 rather than my Canon) and a link to a radio piece on Fan Ownership on Newstalk that I was asked to contribute to!

Snow in Antwerp
Snow in Antwerp
The shopping area in Antwerp
The shopping area in Antwerp
Antwerp cathedral
Antwerp cathedral
A close up of the cathedral
A close up of the cathedral
Statue in Antwerp's town hall square
Statue in Antwerp’s town hall square
You can go anywhere in the world...
You can go anywhere in the world…
Antwerp train station
Antwerp train station
Another shot of Antwerp's train station
Another shot of Antwerp’s train station

A little piece of heaven

I was fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii a couple of years back, primarily for the wedding of a friend. I picked up a new camera while I was there – my first digital (a Canon 350D) and snapped my life away over the 12 days.

An amazingly beautiful place. The people were so welcoming, curious about why we were visiting their home. Kauai is one of the least touristy islands as part of the Hawaii chain. Still really, really green and many parts of the island untouched by developments.

The scenery was incredibly – much of the first Jurassic Park was filmed there – the food was even better and at the end of the holiday, we had some great memories to take home. I’d like to get the second image below, in particular, made into a canvas some day.

Inside one of the main volcanoes on Kauai
Kauai from the Air – as breathtaking as it would appear
One of the island’s famous water falls
The island’s famous blow hole
Sunset on Kauai