The world is what you make it

Simplified down, it seems to me that there are two ways to approach life.

The first, which is all too common in Ireland right now, is the idea that the officials running the country are going to fix the economy, create jobs and make things better for all of us – at some stage in the distant future. In the meantime, people are focusing on what can’t be done, what is wrong with their existence and who they can hold accountable for that.

The other side of the coin are those people that have decided not to wait for life to fix itself. They are the ones out there trying something new, retraining, pushing themselves to accomplish a new challenge. And before anyone thinks that I must not have been out of work in recent years – I lost a good job with a great company in 2009, I’ve also been reduced to working part-time hours at times, and I’m still trying to recover from that period (financially at least).

I’d like to believe that I belong in the latter of those two groups mentioned. Nothing in life changes if you don’t try and change it yourself. Which is why I’m delighted to be involved in a really invigorating Football Governance project at the moment. (More here). There are a handful of people who have wished us well and told us it will be hard to sustain any sort of new and positive momentum but, for the most part, the vast majority of supporters and club officials are delighted to see the European Commission backing such a meaningful and collaborative project with clubs and supporters organisations from seven other European countries.

For anyone with an interest in improving Irish football from within, I would urge you to be in Cork on November 10th and 11th. More details from


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