Women & Sport in Ireland

I’ve been busy blogging for TheJournal.ie this week. I was asked to write about my feelings towards the idea of Lingerie Football coming to Europe and I have to admit I was wary of being dragged into a men v women debate.

Here’s a link to the article itself

Ireland has an incredible amount of female athletes even outside of the likes of Katie Taylor, Derval O’Rourke and golfing twins Lisa and Leona Maguire – women that have overcome a great deal more obstacles than some their male counterparts to get where they are today.

I’m not saying that there are men’s sports out there that don’t deserve additional coverage, I’m not saying that women’s sports should now get prime time TV slots just to pay lip service to the term equality – but I am saying that we need to stop dismissing these athletes, teams and competitions by decided up front that there is no interest.

There is an interest there – growing from a small base as it may be – but every sport needs coverage and attention to develop in the first place. The potential is huge!


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