A little piece of heaven

I was fortunate enough to travel to Hawaii a couple of years back, primarily for the wedding of a friend. I picked up a new camera while I was there – my first digital (a Canon 350D) and snapped my life away over the 12 days.

An amazingly beautiful place. The people were so welcoming, curious about why we were visiting their home. Kauai is one of the least touristy islands as part of the Hawaii chain. Still really, really green and many parts of the island untouched by developments.

The scenery was incredibly – much of the first Jurassic Park was filmed there – the food was even better and at the end of the holiday, we had some great memories to take home. I’d like to get the second image below, in particular, made into a canvas some day.

Inside one of the main volcanoes on Kauai
Kauai from the Air – as breathtaking as it would appear
One of the island’s famous water falls
The island’s famous blow hole
Sunset on Kauai

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