Irish rugby stars pay tribute as John Hayes plays for the final time

A little something I wrote just before the New Year… Any fans of The Bull out there?? With the 2012 6 Nations getting underway this weekend, only time will reveal just how important John Hayes was for Irish rugby.

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IT WAS THE glance backwards that betrayed the truth behind the real John Hayes.

This was his moment in the limelight, the minute or two that tens of thousands of Munster supporters within the walls of Thomond Park – and further afield – would get to show their appreciation for over a decade’s worth of hard work and consistent determination.

Yet as the man they lovingly called ‘The Bull’ ran from the players’ tunnel, he turned his head backwards, searching for his team-mates and willing them to appear quickly so that the fuss would end and the game could start.

They didn’t of course, wanting their team-mate to get every possible plaudit – aware that he hasn’t always been given such time in the past…

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